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Australia is a nation which is found in the Oceania continent. Being the 6th largest nation on earth, it is mostly reputed for having a lot of endemic types of fauna and flora, along with beautiful diverse natural habitats and ecological reserves throughout the entire nation.
Besides the most frequented tourist destinations, like major museums or even structures, like the Sydney Opera House, Australia has numerous stunning scenery and wonderful shores. In spite of being a nation of arid climate nearly in its totality, different habitats concur in all its extension.
Australia is a country that prides itself on offering visitors ecological choices for their visits. Having many natural parks and species secured by current laws, in addition to a lot of companies that are very proud to offer eco friendly options, we find that Australia is a destination that we have to go to.

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Environmentally friendly tourism in Australia

In Australia we can have a great variety of endemic species, therefore, we can only see them in this part of the planet. Animals such as kangaroos, koalas, platypus and emus can only be seen in the other world in captivity. Being this the only spot where creatures like these can be found, their number becomes very limited, thus we should take into consideration whenever we check out this amazing nation that these species must be safeguarded particularly because they are prone to extinct.
Fortunately there are many natural leisure areas in Australia where one can stay this country at its very best in a responsible way, without destroying the environment. In them you can go to all of these Australian species of fauna and flora in their home, behaving in a responsible manner.

Eco friendly places to go to in Australia

1) Daintree Jungle:
Although Australia has mainly an arid climate, it has rainforests simply perfect for appreciating Australian wildlife. The daintree jungle, the largest continuous tropical forest on the continent, is a perfect place for the observation of endemic Australian birds, since over 400 diverse bird species and other creatures such as platypus are located in there. In addition, this location has many sustainable hotel choices so that you can spend unforgettable moments in the Australian virgin woodlands.

2) Cape Range:
If you like to sleep at night in camps under the starry sky and have a face-to-face experience with wildlife, then you should visit Cape Range national park. Right here, besides finding eco friendly alternatives, even with the use of renewable energy, you could have close contact with the fauna within this place, you can camp outdoors underneath totally starry skies and go to one of Australia’s most essential interesting attractions: the sea. Indeed, in cape range great scuba diving trips are created to the attractive Australian sea floors, so this is a place that you can not overlook.

3) Flinders Range:
Sleeping surrounded by the extraordinary Australian red mountains while you are close with wildlife is possible in the Flinders Range national park, where the Arkaba wildlife sanctuary works, an environmentally friendly lodging choice where visitors are even allowed to participate of its adventures for mother nature.

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It is necessary you keep in mind that an eco-friendly and cultural friendly getaway is not just possible if you get services which are liable for preserving biodiversity and cultural heritage. You should also remember you do have a liability to behave in the right way if you are in these surroundings, since it makes no sense to pay for an eco-friendly lodging if you leave waste in an animal sanctuary close to the kangaroos. Therefore, remember when traveling to Australia, you have a responsibility to the beautiful eco-system you are in, that manner your journey will be as environmentally friendly and culturally friendly as you can.

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