Good reasons to Travel to Vietnam

Are you organizing your visit to Vietnam? (Get eVisa to Vietnam on: ). This country gives innumerable activities surrounded by nature such as trekking or diving. There are also many spots you cannot skip, both landscapes, temples, and metropolitan areas. Listed here are the reasons why you need to check out Vietnam!

#1 It Is A Cheap Country

Just like most of Southeast Asia countries, it is easy to travel to Vietnam without having much budget on accommodation or food. When we talk about low-cost accommodations, we don’t simply mean hostels in which to share a room. Its luxurious hotel with ample rooms, such as airconditioner, breakfast, and a lot of cleaning service are less than 40 USD a night.
The same goes for food. Without resorting to street stalls, you can try to eat for 3 or 4 dollars for each person. Not to mention, purchasing mementos in night markets, such as Ho Chi Minh or Hoi An, will excite the most avid shoppers.

#2. Ease Of Transport

Besides the numerous airports among the most tourist locations, there exists a complete rail network that connects a lot of points in the country. One of those lines runs from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, the whole country, with stops in a lot of cities. Yes, it takes a long time, but don’t fret as the train is night, so much of the journey will be spent sleeping peacefully in their bunk beds.
Even if you don’t like trains, don’t worry! There are also the so-called sleeping bus, which are only coaches that allow you to get from one point to another as you sleep at night.

#3 The Magnificent Halong Bay

Ha Long means “descending dragon.” The name originates from an old legend in which dragons spit fire and jade in the sea to protect Vietnam from Chinese invaders. Stated jade became mountains, and nowadays you can navigate among the thousands of islets that dot the bay.

#4 Filled with rice-filled terraces

No one can deny the beauty of a landscape full of rice-filled yards. In Vietnam and particularly in the north western portion of the country (SAPA), the landscapes are everywhere.
SAPA has become an essential tourist center of the country. Here, you can travel to various ethnicities and make treks of various intensities around. If you are searching for an alternative to SAPA, we recommend you pay a visit to Mau Chai.

#5 The Kindness Of The People

They claim that Thailand is “the country of smiles,” and that statement is appropriate. What many people do not say is that Vietnam can also get the same name. All the Vietnamese that you’ll cross the path are friendly, smiling and prepared to assist you in what ever you need.

#6 Incredible Tam Coc

Halong Bay may be the best-known landscape in the country. Nevertheless, the karst hills that spread over the plains near Ninh Binh are amazing. It’s like Halong Bay but on land.

Either in Tam Coc or Trang An, it is best to take a boat trip on the rivers that run through the area. It crosses the hills underdark bat-filled caves.
When you have more time, you should not skip the view point of MuaCave. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best landscapes you will ever see in your life.

#7 The Mekong Delta

This river is the 8th longest in the world, flows into the South China Sea, forming a vast delta. According to local people, it is the most authentic area in all of Vietnam. What we can say is that you can enjoy floating markets here. In this area, little boats are Vietnamese transports for their daily activities.
What do you think? Is it really worth touring Vietnam? Leave your answers in the comments, whether you have been or not!


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