Technology Is advancing at a fast pace, slowly turning every science fiction to reality. Beacon technology is one of those technological advancements, which was a figment of their imagination of several investigators. Let us have a look at the way that beacon technology is evolving and changing our business world.

What is a Beacon?

A It enables Bluetooth enabled devices to get data in short distances.

Beacon apparatus is designed in such a way That It’s easy To mend anywhere and can be effectively utilized by everybody. It continuously broadcasts a radio signal, and when a system receives this sign it reads the beacon’s ID and triggers the action in the smartphone program based on the proximity of this beacon. What makes a beacon technology distinct is its ability to “wake up” an app, which is not available but continues to be downloaded on the Smartphone.

Most Beacons utilize BLE technology / Bluetooth Smart Technology because it requires low energy consumption and reduced implementation cost. The technology simply allows for small quantities of data transmission, and it is the reason why most beacons simply transmit their IDs.

Beacon IDs consists of 3 values:

The purpose of transmitting the ID would be to differentiate a Beacon from the rest of the beacons in a network. Sri Lanka Visa Major and Minor values are the integer values assigned to the beacon, for increased accuracy in identification. Beacon also carries information about its sign power to ascertain the proximity of this source. lee mas


iBeacon It is a technology innovation of Apple that’s been implemented at the place frame in iOS 7 and newer operating systems. As explained above, iBeacon uses BLE technologies to sense closeness and transmit a UUID, which triggers an action in a compatible app or operating system.

In Response to iBeacons, Google came up with its beacon project called Eddystone on July 14, 2015, using much more flexible and open strategy. While Apple’s iBeacon only works with iOS devices, Eddystone works with both Android and iOS devices. Unlike iBeacons, they broadcast not just their UUID but also pre-programmed webpage URLs and thus don’t require the installation of specific apps. The URL could be a normal web page providing relevant advice, for e.g. a beacon alongside a restaurant may broadcast a hyperlink into some YouTube clip or their specialization menu. Surely, Eddystone will bring in new IoT usage cases. ( * )

With This radical rise in beacon technologies, companies are investing in this Technology to generate higher revenues. Here I have given a brief Detail about how retail industry is utilizing and availing benefits of beacon technology.
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